What are the Limitations involved with FUE Hair Transplant

    What are the Limitations involved with FUE Hair Transplant

    The technique involved in the procedure facilitates the option of the hair root extraction that is needed to be implanted on the balding area of the scalp. The hair root extraction is done, either by the FUT technique or through the FUE hair transplantthe extraction aided with punching tools. The two types of techniques are involved in the hair restoration procedure and both the styles of the extraction are scientifically proven in terms of obtaining the roots.

    Before explaining the advantages or limitations, it is important to understand that what both techniques all about. However, it helps in defining the procedure way, feasible condition to opt for them, as well as the cost of the procedure at large.

    The FUT Hair Transplant:

    The extraction technique that caters the strip excision from the safe donor area contains a bunch of grafts in a single strip sent to the dissection job under higher magnifications and collected the needed number of grafts in a most effective manner.

    The Advantage of the FUT Technique:

    • One can get the mega number of grafts via a single strip of the skin taken from the reverse side of the scalp, i.e., the back & sides.
    • There is a very less chance of graft damaging as the extraction involves the strip excision and then the grafts are extracted that makes the process free from the unwanted individual graft damaging.
    • Multiple sittings can be possible from the same safe zone of the scalp.
    • The extracted grafts are permanent and remain forever on the scalp as the roots retain the original character of hair despite being transplanted to another location on the scalp or body.
    • The hair root retains the normal hair characteristics by adopting the property of DHT-resistivity of the safe donor area’s roots.
    • The high-density pack can possible with the FUT technique
    • It gives scarless hair transplant results if the advanced closing technique of the Trichophytic closure is applied.
    • The coverage of the higher Norwood baldness is only possible with the FUT technique.

    The FUE hair Transplant:

    The FUE hair transplant is the process of root extraction that engages the individual punching process in order to extract the single grafts in a single time. This technique of restoration is known as the blind technique as the hair root’s direction and angle are not visible from above the scalp. Thus, it is free from the actual positioning of the grafts while the extraction. The FUE technique is done with the help of punching tools that may have different types and strength that entails the use of the advanced technology and modern tools weigh the cost of the procedure as well.

    The Advantages of the FUE Hair Transplant:

    • It is a most suitable technique for the body hair transplant where hair is needed to be stored in the areas of eyebrows, and moustache by extracting the hair, either by the safe portion or through the unsafe areas of the scalp.
    • The FUE hair transplant is a suitable option for covering the lesser grade of NW-baldness
    • The FUE hair transplant procedure is recommended when the patient has an issue with the safe donor areas in terms of unstable conditions.
    • This technique may allow when the patient is underage and crucially needs the restoration procedure to resume the natural looks.

    The Limitations of FUE Hair Transplant Technique:

    The limitations involved in the technique is just related to the extraction method as the dynamic punches automatically reduce the extraction capacity because of the individual punching for a single graft in a single time. The FUE hair transplant makes the limitation for extraction as each punching needs an aesthetic distance for the next that decreases the safe donor capacity and a surgeon are compelled to target the unsafe areas too. This may give the less sustainable or temporary hair roots after the procedure.

    The Limitations are jotted down below:

    • It is not a suitable technique for the higher grade of baldness.
    • This technique leads to heavy graft damage due to the dynamic punching are free from the original hair root’s angle and direction.
    • The FUE technique cannot fulfil the high-density need as there is a limitation for the graft extraction.
    • There are higher chances of the graft damages due to the wrong angle and direction, type of hairs, splaying, and dynamic shift of the roots as a result of punching pressure.
    • The outcomes received in the FUE may be temporary due to the target of unsafe area’s hair roots for the extraction job.


    The selection of method/technique for the hair transplant procedure only made by the surgeon and not by the patient as it needs assessment of the scalp in terms of their feasibility, availability of the donor areas as well as the present state of hair loss. The technique decides the success of the implantation process and plays a key role in the restoration surgery.

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