How to Select the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

    How to Select the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

    The procedure of hair transplant to solve the problem of baldness/hair loss permanently is minimally invasive and result-oriented procedure that is based on the fact of the movement of hair follicles from one part to another. The hair transplant procedure is the best for dealing with the plastic & cosmetic surgery that requires an extreme artistic sense along with the surgical precision that sets the surgery apart from the normal surgical procedure. However, choosing the best surgeon as well as the best clinic is one of the topmost important factors before opting for the surgical restoration of hair practically.

    The popularity of the hair transplant in Dubai has record growth from the last 5-7 years due to the fact of the Dubai attraction towards regular as well as the medical tourism. The medical tourism of Dubai has a number of the lucrative plans, benefits, and advantages that attracts both Dubai national as well as the foreign patients to come and shake hands with the advantages offered by the Gulf States medical plan and treatment.

    The Prime Factors to be considered before choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai is described below:

    1. The Expert of Hair Transplant Surgery: This is the most important factor to be considered while you choosing the best clinic for the surgical procedure. Firstly, choose the best centre and that must be evaluated on the basis of the name of the surgeons and their expertise that are measured by their giving performance in the restoration world. The expertise means that how much proficient they are in performing the surgery with respect to artistic sense and understanding. The experience and quality of doing the job make a surgeon perfect for performing the procedure.
    2. The Clinic facilities & Cutting-edge Technology: The Hair transplant surgery is only performed successfully if the clinic is providing the service has a higher standard measure of safety and hygiene concern towards every aspect of dealing with the surgical action and plan. The Clinic must have cutting-edge technology with the advanced and higher magnification of microscopes, Carl Zeiss lenses as well as the German video-assisted microscopes that help in the graft dissection job of the surgery.
    3. A large Team of Trained Technicians: The clinic must have a large team of trained technicians who have the best understanding of the laboratory job of the procedure, i.e., the graft dissection. The dissection of graft one of the most considerable aspects in the restoration procedure must perform with the extreme precision and accuracy because each graft weighs importance in terms of receiving the expected outcomes. However, it is important to save the grafts from unwanted desiccation and damages. It is the job of the technicians to dissect the graft under higher magnification and keep them in the saline water until it is not used for the implantation. The saline water preserves moisture of the graft until the implantation and saves the grafts from desiccation.
    4. The Consultation session offered by the Clinic: The communication with the hair transplant surgeon is an integral part of the hair transplant surgery that must be taken from the expert surgeon. What type of consultation is offered by the particular clinic does matter in planning the restoration treatment as it clears many doubts and confusion related to the surgery! These days, Dubai clinics are offering the inaugural discount to attract patients from all over the world and the most important factor to be considered these clinics are mainly the Indian clinics’ branches rather than UAE.


    In the nutshell, to receive the hair transplant procedure is such kind of informative task that needs a careful planning, research work, and study the various links shared by the reputed sites to get awareness about the factual and relevant information of the hair transplant surgery.

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