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Tranquil Treatment: Why Sleep Dentistry Is Great Value For Money


    Around 16% of adult Australians fear the dentist – that’s over 3 million people! Therefore, if you experience dental anxiety (dentophobia), then remember that you are certainly not alone. And, as dental professionals, we get it: going to the dentist can be daunting. But we also know that this is because of outdated notions that connote the dentist’s chair with unpleasantness.

    This is simply not the case anymore.

    And why? Because of the advent of sleep dentistry! Yes, this remarkable medical advancement is designed to lull patients into a deep state of relaxation during treatment. This deep state of relaxation consequently removes any pain and anxiety that may result from treatment. Therefore, if you’re someone who experiences dentophobia or any fear that keeps you from the dentist, think again – there is a wonderful medical advancement in your corner.

    So, when you ask yourself, “how much does sleep dentistry cost?” remember that it’s incredible value for money for these reasons:

    It alleviates anxiety

    The main thing that keeps dentophobic people away from their clinic isn’t actually pain itself – it’s the fear of potential pain. Therefore, many people experiencing this fear avoid the dentist’s chair for literal years. This may seem all well and good, especially when you keep this fear out of sight and out of mind. However, allowing any dental problems to exacerbate can not only have lastings impacts on your oral health, but your health in general.

    Therefore, enlisting sleep dentistry is the best way to quell any fears you have about visiting your dentist. They will administer a sedative that will completely relax you before your treatment begins. You will enter into a state of calm that will alleviate any fears you had entering the clinic. This is the main point of sleep dentistry and why anyone who experiences dental anxiety should utilise it.

    It helps alleviate pain

    This wonderful medical advancement is designed to alleviate the two causes of dental anxiety: fear of pain and any actual pain itself. This is simply ideal for anyone who has been avoiding their dentist on account of these two unpleasantries. Because not only will the sedative alleviate any anxiety you feel about the treatment but it will likely alleviate any pain you may have otherwise felt during a non-sedative treatment.

    Some of the most important treatments people overlook out of dental anxiety are wisdom teeth removal and multiple restorations. Your professionals will tell you one thing: these treatments simply cannot be overlooked. If you are worried about receiving these imperative treatments then it’s important that you know this one thing: sleep dentistry will help.

    It helps with recovery, too

    Among many fears that cause dentophobia is the fear that the recovery process will also be unpleasant. Whilst this isn’t always the case, some patients feel ongoing discomfort after treatment with just a general anaesthetic. But with this advanced treatment you may not even remember receiving any treatment at all. The treatment time passes far more pleasant than general anaesthetic and patients often feel as though it went a lot faster than it actually did.

    What’s more, your recovery period will be much more relaxed than if you had received a general anaesthetic, further ensuring that this treatment is perfect for anyone who experiences dental anxiety. So, if you have been putting off seeing your dentist for months, even years, then it’s time to consider this important medical advancement for your treatment method!

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