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Getting Creative: Why Art Therapy Is So Good For Elderly Australians

    Art Therapy

    One of the best things we can do as we age is continue to be active in body and mind. Whether that be through cooking, exercising, gardening or something completely different, remaining active is one of the best things for our health and wellbeing.

    One of the most exciting advancements in modern aged care is art therapy. This program promotes emotional expression through visual artforms, allowing elderly Australians to convey their thoughts and feelings in a fun and vibrant way.

    There are many reasons why this new approach is achieving such fantastic results, and here are a few of them below:

    1. It promotes self-expression

    Art therapy provides a wonderful opportunity for self-expression with having to speak about one’s feelings. The best aged care Minto has advocates expression through visual means as sometimes it can be hard for the elderly to express themselves verbally.

    With art, ageing Astralians can communicate their thoughts, feelings and memories through a variety of mediums like crafts, drawing, painting and sewing. Expression through the creation of new forms, shapes and colours can be one of the most positive ways for a senior to express themselves.

    2. It promotes cognitive function

    Art can be one of the most invigorating ways to stimulate senior cognitive function. It incorporates various cognitive skills including decision-making, problem-solving and spatial-awareness to elevate the mind and stimulate the brain. Such activities help keep the brain active and can reduce the chance of cognitive decline. What’s more, trying different mediums and techniques helps the mind stay active through a versatile activity program.

    3. It helps with emotional wellbeing

    Art therapy comes with numerous emotional benefits for the elderly. Making art provides an amazing outlet for expressing one’s emotions and how they feel about the ageing process. What’s more, it can help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and solitude. Drawing, painting, sewing and other mediums helps to release endorphins, something which is imperative to enhancing everyone’s mood.

    The process of creating visually-stimulating works enhances the individual’s sense of wellbeing. Group art therapy sessions are also a fantastic way for elderly Australians to meet and make new friends (something which is also great for emotional wellbeing!).

    4. It promotes individuality

    Elderly Australians often suffer with a feeling of lost autonomy. But providing seniors the opportunity to create something new and exciting is one of the best ways to preserve a sense of individuality. Through creating new pieces the individual can reconnect with feelings, thoughts, talents, experiences and memories, something which is imperative to preserving a sense of individual autonomy.

    5. It promotes physical health

    It might not be on the same level of aqua aerobics or yoga, but artistic activities are also good for an elderly person’s physical health, too. It helps them use their hands and motor skills with activities like crafting, painting and sewing. This is imperative for retaining functional independence for performing everyday tasks.

    It’s an exciting method for maintaining wellbeing

    Ageing doesn’t have to be a stagnant period – it can be one of trying new experiences, learning new skills and creating new memories. One of the best ways to stimulate the mind and body at this time is through creation, especially that of art.

    With so many wonderful benefits like cognitive stimulation, emotional wellbeing, physical dexterity, sociability and more, it’s easy to see why art therapy has become ingrained in the Australian aged care program!

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