When a (Corrective) Revision Hair Transplant recommended on the Hair Transplant

    When a (Corrective) Revision Hair Transplant recommended on the Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant is a procedure that is mixed up with an art and science. It is such kind of cosmetic surgery that needs well-versed skills and expertise to perform it. It is very important to choose the right Surgeon/Doctor to get the hair transplant procedure. The state of art in terms of implanting the hair grafts in such a fashion that adopt the natural balance status for growing the hair on the wrong hair implantation portion of the scalp. Moreover, the science states all those facets, which is necessary for performing the surgery like hair transplantation. The procedure of hair restoration surgery implies the transferring the funicular units/grafts from the donor portion to the recipient one. It needs care and consciousness at every step of the procedure from extraction/harvesting until the implantation as it relates to anyone looks and appearance. Even a single minor mistake can imbalance the outcome of the procedure and that’s why it is very important to choose the best hair transplant surgeon before going for the procedure as an ultimate option.

    Being the capital of the country, New Delhi is a central hub for the medical treatment in India and the procedure of hair transplant in India comes on the top across the globe. Hair transplant in Delhi attracts the clients/patients as it offers the affordable cost with the double benefits of the best facilities and care for both pre-and post-procedure.

    Now we will move to the topic that when the revision of hair transplant recommended that stated briefly below with the considerable points be as follows:

    • When there is a wrong Hairline Design

    It is very important to get the correct hairline design on the scalp after the procedure of hair transplant. As it has already cleared that, the procedure needs the great aesthetic sense as well as the scientific balance to offer the all-natural results matched to the patient’s facial profile and their looks.

    The process of making the hairline design occupies the first priority in the hair restoration procedure as the making of slits on the bald portion decides the place of grafts/follicular units on the scalp that must follow the rule of aesthetic sense. It is an acceptable fashion in the hair restoration that surgeon/Doctor implant the grafts in a zig-zag fashion to fulfil the natural effect that results in natural regrown of hair to present the most aesthetic effect of the procedure. The goal of hair transplant surgery is to meet the need and desire of the patients as according to their grade of baldness and aesthetic need to get the most presentable look. The expertise surgeons of the hair restoration accept the aesthetic needs and follow them in terms of getting the remarkable results. It is mandatory that your surgeon is a recognised and an accredited one, who can assure you about the successful results. It is better to do a proper homework before going to get the procedure as an ultimate option both in terms of best Surgoen and recognised clinic as well.

    • When there are scars on the Donor Portion

    If there are multiple visible scars on the scalp due to the FUE hair transplant, the another session of FUT can be done to offer the best outcome of the procedure that almost hides the scars with the help of the Trichophytic closure. An expert surgeon of the hair transplant recommends the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) to camouflage the spot marks of the scalp portion due to the extraction of the follicular units. The revision hair transplant can be best done with the FUT technique as well as the combination method of the FUT+FUE to remove the scars almost invisible.

    • When there is a need of a High-density hair Transplant

    High-density hair transplant is the latest type in the hair transplant arena. The high-density hair transplant is the one, which involves a large number of follicular units/grafts/plug placement to needed zone of the scalp to offer the best outcomes in terms of all natural and aesthetic effect of the hair transplant procedure. In a particular case, when the patient is not satisfied with the previous surgery in order to get the desired number of grafts to get the densely-packed hair, then the surgeon recommend the revision hair transplant with the FUT hair transplant. It is only possible via the FUT technique or the combination method of the FUT+FUE, Giga/Mega session to offer a large number of grafts to cover the bald portion or a less hair portion results in the greater output of the ‘high-density’ hair restoration procedure.


    On the whole, we can say that the revision hair transplant is needed when there are mistakes done by the Surgeon/Doctor or if the patient looks for a particular density as according to their desire and expectations. And if there is an availability of the sufficient donor portion, the expert Surgeon performs the revision hair transplant with the FUT+FUE, Giga/Mega session subjected to corrective hairline design, scar removal and attaining the goal of the high-density hair transplant.

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