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How to Heal After a Serious Injury

    How to Heal After a Serious Injury

    Getting injured in the workplace can seriously set you back, both mentally and physically as well as financially. This can be anything from a serious injury on a building site, to being seriously injured in the military. Whatever the cause, the outcome of not being able to work and building up your strength can often be the same.

    It’s important to work out and train yourself to be strong again, in a constructive and conscious manner. If you want to start recovering, then it’s important to push yourself, as damage to muscle and bone will weaken you and if you choose not to do anything, then you can often find that your recovery is set back. Here are some simple tips on how to help yourself heal after you have experienced a serious injury…

    Rest and recuperation

    First and foremost, it’s important to ensure that you are getting the rest and recovery time that your body desperately needs. The shock of a serious injury takes its toll on your body and it takes patience, time and know how to get yourself back to normal.

    It’s important to listen to your doctors and to also make sure that you are getting back to training in your own time. Depending on your injury, it’s important to go to physiotherapy to ensure that you are doing the right exercises and putting the correct amount of strain on your injury, so that it won’t hinder your recovery.

    Ensure that you are training to the best of your abilities

    Your physiotherapist will assign you exercises that will help to build your strength up in the correct amount of time. So, whether this is helping to regain strength in your arm, or whether this is to help you to walk again, it’s important to push yourself and to stop when you are told to.

    This can be an extremely frustrating process, however, it’s entirely necessary to follow professional instructions in order to get back to your normal self and to feel confident and strong with your injury.

    Back to basics

    Whether you like to focus on cardio, or whether strength training is something that you enjoy to do, it’s often beneficial to ensure that you are listening to your body. It’s recommended that you take things easy and treat your first few training sessions as if you are a beginner, by using less heavyweights, training for less time and running on a slower setting on the treadmill.

    Once you are back into the gym, it can often feel as though you are getting back into the habit much quicker than expected. This causes people to prematurely push themselves and go back to working out as strenuously as before. This can sometimes be more damaging than progressive, so it’s important to make sure that you are getting into the habit of listening to the professionals, your body and realising that you don’t have anything to prove to anybody.

    Richard Meadow is an avid writer, who works closely with the military injury claims & military personal injury claims department in order to better inform those who have been in serious injuries, on how they can heal both mentally and physically.

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