How to Get Perfect Tan Results this Holiday Season?

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    Tanning is one of the most popular beauty treatments loved by a majority of people. From busking under the sun to visiting tanning salons Williamsburg VA with vertical tanning booth, tanning techniques keep on evolving. However, everyone tries to achieve a perfect and natural-looking golden glow. While first-time tanners may feel overwhelmed whether they have prepared well for the tanning session, experienced tanners wonder if they missed out on something important.

    In this article, we have listed down a few essential tanning tips to make your tanning preparation and experience hassle-free.


    1. Keep yourself informed

    When it comes to tanning, you might have a lot of doubts and questions. Reach out to professional tanning providers from your local day spa Hampton Roads and clear your doubts. Ask them what would be the perfect bronzer for your skin type. What would be the process, and how long will it take? Look on the internet, what different kinds of tanning beds are available, and how each of them works. Besides this, make yourself aware of all the risks associated with tanning and how you can minimize them.

    2. Prepare your skin 

    Before you head out for a spray tanning session, make sure you have exfoliated your body thoroughly. The UV rays or tanning solution gets penetrated in the skin if it’s well exfoliated. This will also ensure you have evenly tanned skin.

    3. Don’t use oil-based products 

    When getting into the spray tan Williamsburg VA tanning bed, make sure you are not using any oil-based cream or lotion other than the tanning lotion. Such products can react with the lotion when under the light and cause skin rashes or irritation. Body lotions can also prevent bronzers from setting on the skin evenly.

    Wearing perfumes or fragrances while tanning is also not good for your skin. The UV light may react with the fragrance and give you allergy.

    4. Make sure tanning is safe for your health

    Not everyone’s body is made the same. While some are sensitive to UV lights, some have no problem exposing to the rays. Before going for tanning, find out if you can handle the procedure or not. Ask your doctor or skin expert to know more about what’s best for your health.


    5. Carry water and towel

    Tanning sessions can be dehydrating, so having water with you will help you stay hydrated. Once your session is over, you might need to wipe out the excess lotion. Since bronzer may release color, carry a tower to wipe the extra bronzer from your body.

    6. Use lip protection and eyeglasses

    Your eyes and lips are very sensitive to UV rays and bronzers. To avoid the damage to these vital organs, make sure you wear eye covers and lip balm with SPF when under the UV light.

    7. Don’t over tan

    Avoid over tanning your skin. If you stay in the tanning booth for too long, your skin might burn. Overexposure to UV rays can also cause skin cancer besides skin damage and early signs of aging.

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