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Community Support Services: 7 Important Life Areas To Enrich Client Lives

    Community Support

    Community support is a branch of community health services that focuses on caring for people with a range of needs. These needs range from independent living to complex requirements with a tailor-made program that aims to enrich their lives each and every day.

    A reputable support provider will have a detailed program offered across various locations, with each location purpose-built to meet the different level of needs required. Their program should also focus on seven important ife areas that are enlisted to help each client lead a happy, healthy and independent life.

    These seven life areas include:

    Independent living skills

    The most reputable community health services Edithvale has will emphasise the importance of learning independent living skills. Each client is different, and this means each individual has a different capacity to handle daily tasks. Regardless, care providers are enlisted to help with independent skills like cooking, cleaning, gardening, self-care and personal hygiene, communicating in public and more.


    Because we all need a little leisure time! The care provider should offer a range of fun and engaging social activities like bowling, filmgoing, local markets, sensory gardens and more. The great thing is that you will have the option to choose what kind of activity you would like to do. If you’re a big Tiers fan, your carer will happily take you to the G on a Saturday to see them take on the Pies (and activities like this). This is a great way to meet new people whilst practising social skills in fun places.

    Creative arts

    The arts are great for our mental health. Whether it’s learning an instrument or painting some flowers, the arts can help stimulate our minds and release dopamine to make us happy. Therefore, care providers should offer a creative outlet for their patients to enjoy something new and exciting!

    Social & relationship skills

    Coming back to social skills – your carer should offer a range of activities to elevate your social communication and make valuable connections. This can be done through building social networks and expanding on the opportunities they provide to engage with the community. Building lasting social relationships is one of the most important things for leading a healthy and happy life, and your provider should place a great emphasis on achieving this if it is one of your objectives!

    Mind & body programs

    Creating a balance between the inner and outer-world is one of life’s great enjoyments, and your carer will offer a program that allows you to enjoy an inner world of peace and calm. This can be done through the likes of yoga, tai-chi, meditation, as well as super fun activities like swimming, sensory massage, dog therapy and more.

    Work-skills development

    Looking to get into the workforce? Fantastic! Your carer should wholeheartedly support your journey to becoming a professional, and even offer health programs to help you get exactly to where you want to go! These programs include learning about computers, tablets, numbers, literacy and much, much more.

    Civic inclusion

    Your provider should offer a program which allows you to engage in your local area through volunteer opportunities, advocacy groups, publications and more. Being part of the community is great for health and sociability, and you will be given an opportunity to participate in the way that you choose!

    On top of these seven imperative life areas, your carer will offer all vital medical supports in the process of enjoying these fun and exciting programs.

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