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Common Sex Mistakes That Women Should Avoid

    Sex Mistakes

    Men are considered to be more aggressive when it comes to sex while women usually end up keeping their apprehensions and desires under wraps. Sex is an important part of all relationships most especially in the marriage. However, not all persons get to experience sex as it should be and in most cases, end up unsatisfied. It is important to note that both parties should be responsible for the satisfaction of the other.

    If you feel that something is not right, do not hesitate to communicate this to your partner. This will ensure that you communicate your sexual fantasies with your loved one and what you would like in the bed. However, you should not pressure your partner into acts that they are not comfortable with such as using whips and handcuffs. Women often wonder how they can please their men in bed and if there are any mistakes they are committing. Some of these mistakes are:

    1.       Thinking that men always think about sex

    The pressures of daily life can affect any man’s sexual energy which may come as a surprise to most women. There is a common misconception that men are only interested in sex and thus lack of it is taken personally. It is imperative to respect your man when he does not want to have sex on demand. However, rather than sulking, you can get your man into the mood by using slow, creative and subtle approaches to seduce him. You should know the limits and back off if he really does not want to get into it.

    2.       Worrying too much about your physical appearance

    Women make the mistake of thinking too much of how they look during sexual intercourse. This reduces the chances of enjoying the experience and ruins the chances of achieving orgasm. It is highly advisable to concentrate on the pleasure instead of thinking about how huge your belly is or your makeup. In most cases, the man will not even take notice of all the things that you are fretting about. Men are more interested in women who are confident about themselves and are enthusiastic about the matters at hand.

    3.       Not taking the lead

    A lot of times, women fear that taking the lead and initiating sex, they will end up appearing pushy and being labeled as sluttish or loose. Taking the lead shows the man that you are interested and you will be in control of your sexual experience. You can use subtle means to show your interest by sending him a text message when he is at work. Be willing to try new things so that you can make the experience for the both of you pleasurable.

    4.       Lack of hygiene and good manners

    It is hard to imagine a woman who does not maintain good personal hygiene but the truth is, this is a common complaint among men. You should take care of your overall hygiene and health so that you do not give your man nasty surprises. Before you go on a date or meet up with your partner, you should shower and lotion up. Of course, these standards should also be maintained by the men since the partners are responsible for each other.

    Good bedroom manners not only indicate that you should be more than just polite but you should also be respectful. If you are not in the mood for lovemaking, then you should explain this to your partner rather than pretend you are already sleeping or having migraines. You should also avoid leading on a man if you are aware that you are not going to fulfill your end of the bargain.

    5.       Getting upset by suggestions

    After being together for a significant period of time, it is only natural to look for ways to bring in variety into the relationship. Just because your man makes certain suggestions does not mean that he is not happy with the sex life. A common mistake that most women make is getting upset by new suggestions or thinking that he is cheating. However, if the suggestions are outside what you consider to be out of your morals, then you should not feel obligated to do it. Just explain why you cannot do it as lovingly as you can and may suggest something else.

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