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Are Dental Implants Worth It?

    Are Dental Implants Worth It

    Lost one tooth due to an injury or accident? You might have probably heard of dental implants. Though relatively more expensive at first look compare with other tooth replacement procedures, this option actually offers quite a number of stellar advantages. This brings you to the inevitable question — are dental implants worth it?

    Before going to your Lansdown dentist for a tooth replacement, here are some of the benefits you can get from having a dental implant to help you decide if this investment is really worth it.

    Convenient and comfortable

    As a dental implant is the closest thing to a natural tooth, it is hailed as the most convenient tooth replacement option. It fits well and does not require any adhesives to keep its place because it is permanently attached to your jaw bone.

    The permanence it offers also comes handy when it comes to maintenance; you can clean it like how you brush your natural teeth!

    It also takes pride in giving you comfort, unlike other options such as partial dentures. These options, which typically involve a metal clasp to help keep the tooth replacement in place, can cause gum irritation.

    Aesthetically pleasing

    Missing a tooth or two can make you feel inferior and self-conscious. Apart from its incredible functionality, a dental implant is also aesthetically pleasing because it looks like a natural tooth.

    This tooth replacement option can also help bring back your self-confidence. As mentioned above, this comfortable piece can let you chew and speak like before — you don’t have to worry about others noticing that something has changed in your dental health condition.

    Long lasting

    Ask any Lansdowne dentist and they will agree that the dental implant is the most durable tooth replacement. Made up of titanium, an implant can actually last a lifetime. Its sturdy design can also help you handle the pressure that comes with eating and chewing.

    The only thing you need to make sure when you have a dental implant is that you maintain a good oral hygiene. Just like its natural counterpart, it can eventually get damaged if it is not properly cleaned.

    More economical

    Sure, you’re going to initially shell out more cash if you choose to undergo a dental implant procedure. But since it is only a one-time thing, you can save yourself from churning out expenses in the future as it doesn’t require frequent repairs or replacement — unlike in the case with dentures.

    If you’d really want to go economical, choosing this one-time investment would be a smart choice.

    Good for your dental health

    No side effects is associated to a dental implant, so you are guaranteed that this tooth replacement option is good for your dental health. But the benefit doesn’t simply end on this one — a dental implant can also hinder other dental complications (e.g. Temporomandibular joint problem) from developing.

    Once you’re maintaining good oral hygiene, you also won’t have to be anxious about the issue of dental decay and cavity.

    If you are looking for a Lansdown dentist, contact Riverside Dental today. We provide a complete line of dental services to give you that perfect smile.

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