Ways to Get Rid of Trauma That Should Be Tried
on 25/04/2019

Eliminating the shadows of events that cause trauma is not easy. Need to remove the right trauma in order to get up and forget about the traumatic event. Trauma can occur due to various kinds of things, such as experiencing rape, loss of loved ones, victims of natural disasters or accidents. Psychological trauma can affect various aspects, ranging from physical, mental, behavioral and social interactions.

Get to Know the Right Handling

How to eliminate trauma is important to know to be able to immediately overcome the fear that is felt, so as not to interfere with daily life. Here are some ways you can do:

  • Tell the Closest Person

Telling traumatic events experienced to people nearby can be a step to overcome trauma. Telling it to someone can make you feel better and not feel alone. Support from the closest person will be influential enough to relieve the fear you feel.

  • Consult Psychotherapy

Over time, the fear experienced due to a traumatic event can generally be lost. However, some people experience trauma that continues, causing stress and excessive fear. How to eliminate trauma in patients who experience sustained trauma requires psychotherapy given by a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists will help patients understand, manage, and develop specific ways to eliminate trauma. In addition, it may be necessary to consume antidepressant drugs so that patients can better control their feelings of sadness and fear. For more information about licensed psychotherapist, you can visit licensed psychotherapist in Palm Beach Gardens FL.

Eliminating trauma is not easy, but not impossible. If you can’t do it yourself, don’t be reluctant to ask for help from someone nearby or expert help, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist.

  • Turn Attention to Interesting Activities

Not infrequently traumatic events can reappear in your memory, through nightmares or perhaps events that are considered almost similar. For example, news about traffic accidents can re-create a sense of trauma to accident victims. It is advisable to keep away from exposure to information about events related to traumatic events. Understand that your reaction to the news is actually normal, then slowly try to calm yourself down. Turn your attention to activities that are more useful, such as doing your hobbies or other fun activities.

  • Face Perceived Fear

The way to get rid of trauma that is not easy is to recall a traumatic event experienced and try to overcome the fear that accompanies it. This can help control what you feel gradual. Try to make peace with the traumatic event you are experiencing. Think that you must be able to deal with it and fight fear, to restore the quality of your life.