Veganism: What You Should Know before You Consider Going Full Vegan
on 06/09/2021

More and more people are fully vegan due to their medical condition or to forestall the occurrence of a health disease but the environmental and ethical case for a diet free of all animal products including fish, meat, egg and dairy could be rather compelling.

According to research from the University of Oxford, it stipulates that going vegan is the biggest way to reduce the individual impact on the planet. But think of it, a life-long meat consumer becoming a consumer of vegetables for life. Sounds outlandish but that seems to be the reality of things. So, you have got to put every factor into consideration before making your choice. We suggest you consider visiting to know if veganism is the way to go.

Factors to take into consideration before going vegan

Buying quality food online from a vegan outlet is relatively easier today so putting some of these considerations to bear is important to start out as a vegan.

Should one approach the world of a plant-based diet with caution

One question you may have to ask yourself is whether going fully vegan is sustainable for your lifestyle. Renowned vegans opine that going fully vegan should be a gradual process, with the availability of more vegan products implies going fully vegan can be a reality but before deciding to delve into full veganism, you should ensure it is done in piecemeal from reducing or completely eliminating the consumption of milk, mayonnaise and even yoghurt, that way you would not see so much difference.

Dealing with negativity from friends and family

Many people are averse to the reality of full veganism, and they will say numerous things to repudiate people interested in becoming and achieving full veganism. So, the way to go is to kill the haters with kindness. Experts often advise that you’re emphatic towards people expressing negative attitudes and emotions towards our idea to pursue full veganism.

Lots of folks would be judgemental about your decision to pursue veganism and try to pull you off track but what to do in such scenarios is if you can educate them on the benefit that accrues to pursuing full veganism and how it affects you. This would make them see the reasons for your choice of pursuing veganism.

How about protein for my diet

Most people are often afraid that plant protein is not sufficient or enough to cater for their body’s protein needs but research has shown that protein deficiency is a rare thing in the western world. So, taking food such as beans, pulse, seeds, and nuts is a good idea for a protein source. Friends might call it you eating a rabbit’s food but it isn’t.

One common myth that has been debunked by experts is that its difficult to get protein from plant foods, but on the contrary, plant protein provides the essential building blocks that we call amino acids. Some good sources of plant protein include beans, lentils, soy, chickpeas, soy products, peanut butter, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds.

Going fully vegan could be a difficult choice and path to tread but with all the encouragement from health experts going that line should be a lot less daunting.