The Mind Can Heal You
on 11/04/2018

The brain is amazing. After thousands and thousands of years, it is an asset that humankind has finally begun to make fuller use of in regards to healing. As consciousness blossoms in people across the globe, the potential for the mind to heal becomes increasingly apparent.

How Thoughts Affect Balance and Harmony

Most scientists agree that humans have more than 70,000 thoughts each day. We tend to repeat about 90 percent of those thoughts day after day and of those repeated thoughts 70 percent of them are negative. According to Eckhart Tolle, in “A New Earth” a negative thought becomes a negative emotion that breeds toxicity in the physical body. It interferes with balance and harmony. Negative thoughts like jealousy, hatred, sadness or fear conspire together to disrupt the energy flow throughout the body.

This leads to problems with the immune system, the heart, adrenal glands, intestinal system and more. Modern medicine is finally beginning to recognize the connection between mind and body and a person’s health and fitness. While statistics are often questionable, there is growing belief that if you wish to enjoy greater health, you need to get your emotions, thoughts and body into balance, ideally with meditation and massage therapies like reflexology.

Moving Towards a Positive Outlook

The problem is that you cannot entrust positive thoughts alone to improve your health, but moving towards a more positive outlook will help you take better care of yourself and will help you feel better overall. Many people have the problem of finding positive thoughts hard to come by, especially after experiencing a difficult or challenging time.

Popular self-help books flood the market teaching people how to visualize prosperity, positive feelings and outcomes and good health. Many times these books are left half-read, as people give up halfway through on learning to meditate or learning to be patient with re-teaching themselves how to be positive. Some people find the idea compelling, but how do you stay positive when your chequebook is overdrawn or someone you love succumbs to a terminal illness? Some people simply give up on these books because they worry that they are not able to visualize or feel positive in the “correct” manner.

I understand where these people are coming from, especially as I have journeyed through a bought with cancer. I have read many books about using the mind to create health, happiness and prosperity. One thing is clear. Each person is unique. For this reason, only you can determine which methods for improving your positive frame of mind work best for you. Trust your instincts to lead you to methods that work with your habits and traits and be patient with yourself on your journey.

The Impact of Visualisations

You can take time to choose what is best for you and we will help you work to direct your thoughts in positive directions while making use of mp3s on visualization. The mp3s help stop the flow of negative thoughts and ease you into more positive thought flows. The breathing exercise at the start of the mp3 helps you further break away from a negative thought pattern. Remember, it is impossible for the mind to focus on more than one thing at a time, so it is practically impossible for you to think both positively and negatively at once.

Practice thinking in more positive ways and help break the chain of negative thinking. Be aware of the now of things, and stay away from the past or worries about the future. Use our tools to remind yourself of what you are grateful for and watch your joy and happiness grow inside.

Stress stifles our emotional well-being. It also indicates that our focus in on another time and not right now. Stick to being in the present moment and build your positive mind power from there. Forgive and let go of past hurts and disappointments, and you will release even more physical discomfort so that you and your mind can work to improve your health.

When you are in alignment with your positive energetic flow, I believe you tap into the flow of consciousness that has the amazing power to heal both body and soul.