Dealing with Anal Itching? These Effective Home Remedies will Improve Comfort
on 29/10/2018

The causes of anal itching are different and can range from pinworms and food allergies to anal tumors and sexually transmitted diseases. This myriad of conditions is the primary reason you are advised to seek immediate medical attention the moment you experience a constant itch downstairs.

While the conditions causing anal itching are different, they share something common. Anal itching. This is an extremely uncomfortable condition. One moment you may be okay, but the next minute you may be fighting a losing battle in your quest to resist the urge to scratch.

Treating the cause of the itching is the surest way of dealing with the uncomfortable itch. You should look for a cure online. An example is Pranicura. Click here to find out more. In addition, you can try some remedies will make you feel comfortable in a combination with a treatment. This article highlights some of them.

Probiotic Yoghurt

When you have diarrhea, the condition leaves the anus area moist most of the time and this can lead to the breaking of the delicate skin. This consequently makes it easy for harmful bacteria to enter the skin thereby causing anal itching.

Probiotic yoghurt is an excellent remedy for soothing anal itching because of the presence of good bacteria. The good bacteria are excellent at controlling infection as they prevent further infiltration by bad bacteria.

Simply apply unsweetened yoghurt around the itch and leave for about at least 30 minutes. The itching should go down within this period. Additionally, probiotic yoghurt will lower the frequency with which the itch occurs.

Aloe Vera Plant

Widely used to manufacture skin care products, aloe vera has proved time and again that it is a ‘wonder plant’ and nature’s best answer to skin problems. The plant contains soothing and calming agents that make it the best remedy for dealing with an uncomfortable anal itch.

All you need to do is find an aloe vera plant, cut it and extract the thick gel inside. Using gloves rub the gel gently around the anal region directly on the itch and leave for at least 10 minutes. The coolness of the gel creates a soothing feeling, and the irritation should go away after a short while. To keep the itch at bay, however, apply the gel once every few hours.

Petroleum Jelly

Whether you are walking running or just sitting, the delicate skin around the anus area constantly moves albeit minimally in some instances. The friction created leads to irritation of anal skin and the consequent itch.

To sooth the itch, therefore, you have to reduce the amount of friction, and petroleum jelly can aid in this. Apply petroleum jelly – preferably unscented – around the anus to form a lubricating layer. It soothes the itch and relieves the burning sensation especially during bowel movement.

Witch Hazel

Another short-term soothing remedy for anal itching is applying witch hazel ointments. The presence of numbing agents – tannins – in witch hazel makes it an excellent numbing solution.

Rub a bead of the ointment on the affected area, and within a few minutes, the skin around the anus will feel numb. Witch hazel ointments are best applied when preparing to go out in public.