Cure Erectile Dysfunction with the Therapeutic Method
on 05/03/2019

Given Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is caused by a variety of factors, the therapy given is also different. The doctor will make observations in advance to find the right cause, before giving the best therapy. But there is no need to worry, because all therapies are given by doctors with careful consideration and fulfilling 3 main principles, namely effective, has no side effects, and is practical.

Treatment of ED is usually done by treating the underlying disease first because this disorder is often associated with various modified risk factors. The main thing to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle by diligently exercising, eating healthy foods, avoiding cigarettes or alcohol, maintaining cholesterol, reducing weight to normal limits, and avoiding stress. For more information, you can visit

After that, the new doctor will provide therapy according to their needs. In general, DE therapy is divided into:

First Therapy

Drug Use (Pharmacotherapy)

This therapy is done to inhibit the action of the enzyme, so that smooth muscle becomes relaxed and an increase in the flow of blood vessels in the penis. The drugs given are usually in the form of Taladafil, Sildenafil, and Vardenafil. The drug can be taken shortly before sexual intercourse or every day according to the doctor’s instructions. However, medicines should not be consumed by patients with heart disorders who use nitrate (nitroglycerin, ISDN) drugs, because they can dramatically lower blood pressure.

Erection Vacuum Tool

The use of this tool serves to encourage blood flow to the penis, so that it can cause erections. This method will not cause pain or side effects, but it takes several exercises to be able to use the tool correctly.

Schockwave Therapy

This therapy is done by attaching a device that can drain a low shock wave to improve blood flow to the penis.

Second Therapy

This therapy is done by injecting into the penile body (intracavernosal) and injecting into the urinary tract (intraurethral). All injections are useful for dilating blood vessels in the penis.

Third Therapy

If both of the above therapies fail, then men with ED are advised to carry out penis prosthetic implant surgery. This therapy can also be done if the patient wants permanent improvement.