Traditional vs. Far Infrared Saunas: How are both different?


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Heat therapy has been around for a long time. Out of all the heat therapies, the sauna is widely popular amongst the masses. If you are familiar with sauna, you should be aware of the traditional sauna and infrared sauna. People have been using the sauna to achieve youthful skin and relief from joint pains.

So, how are traditional sauna and infrared sauna are different? How does infrared sauna at any cocoon salon Virginia Beach work? Let’s find out.

What is the Sauna?

Sauna is a term that refers to any heating system created to induce sweating. It’s a Finnish term for the bathhouse. However, the English term is used to indicate any heating structure that is intended to produce body heat and sweat. Any heating system designed to increase body temperature and provide sweat in the body is called a sauna.

Let’s find out how both heating systems work.…