Cat Care 101: Telltale Signs Of Illness In Cats
on 28/01/2020

Most of the time, a lot of pet owners find it challenging to determine if their pets are in good health or not, especially cats. Cats, through the years, have developed the ability to “fake” their health by not revealing signs of weakness or failing health.

Fear not, because this is not a disease that you should be concerned about or something that would cause you to take your pet cat to the nearest Virginia Beach veterinary clinic. Rather, it is a product of the evolutionary development of cats and dogs as a means of survival against predators to mislead them into sensing their targets are showing signs of weakness.

It is important to know and tell signs if your pet cat is experiencing an illness or disease so you could immediately take them to any veterinary clinic Virginia Beach so they can be treated properly before any sickness gets worse.

Untimely Elimination

Regardless if they are potty trained or are used to eliminating at scheduled times during the day, the occurrence of a disruption in elimination can be caused by a number of health conditions such as kidney disease, gall or bladder stones, diabetes mellitus, and urinary tract infection, among others.

Disruption in Activity and Interaction

Generally, cats are social animals, and any disruption in their activity, such as an increased one, can be caused by hyperthyroidism, while a decrease in activity could mean your pet could be suffering from a systemic illness or arthritis.

Similarly, when you start noticing changes in the way your pet interacts with you, be it during playtime, meals, or simply just begin to shy away from being cuddled, then it’s time to take it to a Virginia Beach veterinary clinic, since it may be caused by an injury, disease, anxiety, fear, or pain.

Change in Eating Habits, Grooming, and Sleeping Habits

Generally, cats are not picky eaters, and when you begin to notice a change in their eating habits, you may need to seek professional help as it could be an indication of a number of health disorders including dental health or even some deadly cancers.

Missing patches of hair or those that develop into a matted appearance can also be indicative of a disease or illness. Also, cats that increase their grooming activities are also highly probable signs of a skin problem or parasites.

Also, carts that sleep more than 16 to 18 hours a day is not normal and could well be an indicator of an underlying sickness.

Sudden Weight Loss

Stop fooling yourself, saying that your pet cat is working out or spends more time exercising, which is why it is losing weight.

Cats are incapable of being conscious of their weight or obesity, but kidding aside, sudden weight loss can be an effect of a terminal or long-standing health condition such as diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, or a number of other life-threatening diseases.

Always remember that you can tell how your pet cat behaves, so make sure to be observant about behavioral and habit changes in your pet cat because it can indicate a health problem that needs immediate medical intervention.

Make sure to bring your pet cat to the nearest Virginia Beach veterinary clinic before it gets worse.