Advantages and Disadvantages of Follicular Unit Extraction
on 05/07/2018

When it comes to restoring your hair, there are two main techniques that are used to perform hair transplant surgery, namely Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

During an FUT procedure, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the scalp and hair follicles are extracted from it. Once these follicles have been transplanted to the thinning areas, the incision is closed by the plastic surgeon, leaving a faint line.

Unlike FUT, the FUE procedure is a lot less invasive, which is why it’s more popular. During the FUE procedure, the follicles are extracted one by one and don’t require an incision at all.

Pros and cons of FUE hair restoration technique

Dr Spano is a specialist for hair restoration in Melbourne and has outlined the pros and cons of the Follicular Unit Extraction technique.

FUE Advantages

  • Less healing time is required as no incisions are made during this procedure
  • No scar at the back of the head, which is particularly important if your hair is shorter
  • Far less discomfort after the procedure
  • Patients can return to their normal daily activities directly after surgery
  • Ideal for patients who have an increased risk of scarring. Particularly people with very loose or tight scalps
  • Hair can be harvested from the nape of the neck in order to restore eyebrows or your hairline
  • Non-scalp hair such as body or beard hair can also be harvested

FUE Disadvantages

  • Unlike the FUT method, the FUE technique takes hair follicles from various areas of the scalp, which means that a lot more follicles are required in order to get a sufficient amount of grafts
  • Any scarring on the upper or lower areas of the scalp can become more noticeable over time as the hair continues to thin naturally
  • Hair grafts have a much higher chance of being damaged during the FUE procedure so the quality of the grafts isn’t as good as it could be. This is mainly due to the lack of protective skin and fat. There is also a lower chance of extracting the entire hair follicle
  • There is a higher chance that patients will need an additional procedure because of low-quality grafts
  • If additional FUE treatments are required, the likelihood of developing additional scars is higher. With the FUT treatment, there is only ever one scar at the back of the head
  • FUE takes a lot longer than the FUT procedure because the hair follicles are harvested one by one. Severe cases may require a 2-day procedure in order to achieve the desired results
  • The FUE procedure tends to be more expensive than FUT

Overall, there are a lot of pros and cons for both procedures and since not everybody is the best candidate for the FUE and FUT procedures, it’s best to consult with a professional surgeon to discuss the ideal hair restoration option for you.