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on 05/05/2018

The Tips to Consider When Getting Rid of Cold Sores Fast

More than half of the population in the United States has the virus that causes the occurrence of cold sores. Cold sores are mainly caused by a virus. You will experience a lot of discomfort when you are affected by these cold sores and they also take a while before they heal properly. Despite their annoying and unappealing nature, these blisters can be treated. If you want your cold sores to heal fast, then you have to stop touching them because they become irritated when you touch them. If not treated in time, these blisters could spread to someone else close, and ways to avoid that is by observing certain measures. Individuals who have cold sores need to look for medical help in case the blisters do not get to improve within a few weeks.

Because blisters are brought about by a virus, a majority of doctors recommend the use of antiviral medications for their patients. There are various medications that the doctor can suggest for your use and that will depend on your body’s condition and also the severity of the sores. There are other medications which can be used to treat the symptoms, and you can access them from a pharmacist near you. When your sores become dry, that makes them painful and that is why you need to use creams and oils to moisturize them. You have a wide range of oils and creams where you can choose from and see which one is the best for you. Some of the common oils that can be used in the treatment of blisters include peppermint, lemon balm, witch hazel and coconut oil.

The mode in which you apply the cream will determine whether you will heal quickly or not. When you want to get rid of sores quickly, that can happen when you observe your diet. Usually, vitamins are important in boosting the immunity of your body and therefore when you take vitamin-rich foods, that can help in fighting diseases. The various vitamins are also available in supplements and oil, and you can confirm from the internet which supplements and oils have vitamins that you can consume. Cold compresses are also good in assisting to minimize the swelling of blisters.

You can even place an ice cube to the infected area, and that can assist to reduce the swelling and redness. Cold sores will hurt more in the presence of heat, and you should, therefore, try not to touch the affected area with hot liquids. In some instances, cold sores can be triggered by sunburns and therefore using sunscreen might minimize the occurrence of outbreaks. The application of sunscreen to the lips can prevent cold sores.