Tips for Caring for Face and Body Skin Towards Sleep
on 02/03/2019

Sun exposure and pollution have a negative effect on the skin. If it continues, the skin can be damaged which causes premature aging. Therefore, it is very important to do skin care.

Using sunscreen during the day is not enough, even skin needs treatment at night. Night skin care is also very important because, at night, the skin lacks water so it needs moisturizer, Nighttime, when the body is asleep, it also becomes the time for the skin to regenerate or renew. After exposure to the environment, the skin will work to replace cells at night.

Here are the steps in caring for yourself at night, before going to bed.

1. Makeup Remover

If you wear makeup all day, the first step is to clean it with make-up remover. Products with ingredients such as toner with a mixture of oil can lift makeup on the face clean. If you think using facial soap is enough to lift make-up, you are wrong. Facial soap is not as good as make-up remover in cleaning make-up thoroughly.

2. Face and Body Serum

After bathing, dry the body with a soft towel. Avoid drying the body by rubbing the towel on the skin because it can cause the skin to become dry and damaged. When the face and body are still moist, apply facial serum throughout the body. Luckily now, serum products also exist for the body. You can get a good and quality serum at OKDERMO website, of course at an affordable price.The serum is better than lotion or cream because the nutritional content is more and can absorb quickly on the skin. “The body’s serum can absorb in two or three minutes immediately absorbed perfectly.

3. Bathe and Wash Face

After a day of activities, you should wash with a bath while cleaning your face with facial soap. Choose bath soap and soap for the face with light content and contain moisturizer, which does not make the skin dry after bathing.

4. Eye cream

Why is eye cream important to use? Because the eyes do not contain oil. Not surprisingly, the eye skin wrinkles faster than other facial parts. The content of eye cream can prevent wrinkles, brighten the dark circles of the eyes and reduce swelling. Apply an eye cream with ring fingers, gently press the eyes to help the eye cream product be absorbed perfectly.