One Step Closer to Enhancing Your Confidence
on 26/12/2018

If the thought of enhancing the skin that you’re in has ever crossed your mind, then Dr Michael Zacharia’s team of world-renowned experts in cosmetic and plastic surgeries will help you come one step closer to achieving your dream and feeling more confident in your everyday life.

  • Who is Dr Zacharia?

Dr Zacharia is a pioneer in the field of plastic surgery based in Sydney, Australia; specialising in plastic and ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery who has made his presence known in the world through his glorious work and contribution in the field. Dr Zacharia has successfully performed over four thousand procedures in rhinoplasty and earned honour for achieving the most natural looking results with his facial rejuvenation procedures.
Besides rhinoplasty, Dr Zacharia specialises in several facial plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures for his valued clients including face lift surgeries, eyelid surgeries, cosmetic ear surgeries and brow and neck lift procedures.

  • Why Dr Zacharia?

Dr Zacharia is a professional who has earned honour by undergoing extensive training in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr Zacharia earned his bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Adelaide whilst subsequently completing his training in Ears, Nose and Throat Surgery, and later went on to obtain a fellowship with a highly prestigious group federation of surgeons situated in Australia. Dr Zacharia also has operated under the supervision of the world-renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr Harry Glassman in Beverly Hills, California and has been a visiting lecturer at Oxford University in United Kingdom. Post his graduation back in the year 1996, he was presented the very reputed position of being the Clinical Lecturer for the Division of Medical Science of the Oxford University in Otolaryngology for his remarkable expertise in the field.

All through his career he has been rewarded for his service by numerous honours. Dr Zacharia has also previously served as the President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Zacharia is also an honorary member of numerous renowned alliances and partnerships of surgeons all across the globe.

  • Dr Zacharia and His Vision

Dr Zacharia and his team working under his expert supervision seek to provide their clients with the self confidence achieved through cosmetic surgeries that require less healing time than conventional cosmetic surgery method and together they have been able to discover procedures that achieve the following exceptional goals with effort, allowing clients to feel better, younger and healthier in their own skins. Dr Zacharia’s methods in cosmetic surgeries have been deemed revolutionary by many all over the world, experts and clienteles alike. Currently, Dr Zacharia is a Medical Director at the Bondi Junction Private Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

Dr Zacharia and his team specialise in a number of procedures of cosmetic and Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, augmentation of the breast, face lifting procedures, otoplasty surgeries, and numerous more.
To find a new confidence within you and to overcome the natural flaws indented in your body, Dr Zacharia and his team’s expertise in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgeries will be your aid.