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on 05/05/2018

Few Essentials to Have in a Handbag

It is not usual to meet a woman without a handbag because the handbag carries a few essential things that they might need when they are away from home. Since you do not want a heavy bag to carry around each time, it is crucial that you only carry relevant items and leave those that you might use. That means that handbag content might be different, but you must note that there are a few crucial items that all women should have in their bags regardless of their unique needs. This article discusses the important contents of handbag that women should remember to carry.

Sticking plasters – Minor accidents such as cuts can occur anytime, and if you have sticking plasters, you can seal the wound to prevent entry of germs that can worsen the condition. The plaster can also be essential when your nail polish gets off, and you can use it cover the part, so that avoid a humiliating experience. Having some cosmetics in your handbag can help you to get rid of the sweat and enhance your appearance. Sticking plasters can help to avoid blister waddle that a common with new shoes.

Cardholder – Most women can confess to having a lot of card in their handbags. A zipped pouch becomes their safe custody because mixing them with other items can damage them, and it is also a good of keeping your handbag organized and does not resemble a dumping ground. A handbag is quite spacious and throwing your cards in it without a proper arrangement would mean that you will struggle to find them when you want to use them. However, you must not have several zipped pouches in the handbag.

Hand sanitizers – Once you leave your home to the public, you will start interacting with people whom you do not know their level of hygiene. Wherever you go, you will be shaking hands and touching items which you do not know clean they are. They will be handy when you lose a button or your necklace breaks.

Travel size tissues – A packet of travel size tissue must always be in your handbag. The tissues are critical in various situations such as when you want to blot lipstick, wipe tears, sneezing or using the toilet. Check the size of the tissues frequently and add new ones if they are running low to avoid running out of them.

Sanitary towels or tampons – Not all women experience regular periods and those with irregular periods do not know when it will occur. For that matter, it is vital that you have a sanitary towel or tampon in your handbag to use when it happens without warning. No need to carry a pack of towels or several tampons but just few will do.