How Safe are Breast Augmentation and How It Can Improve Your Looks
on 30/05/2019

If you are unhappy with the way your bosom looks, there is a way you can do something about it. You can get cosmetic surgery and see what it is like to have a body that you love and everyone admires. Since the inception of cosmetic surgery, Dr Alex Phoon did an amazing job on my breast augmentation techniques have been modified to create more realistic and natural looking results for women who are not satisfied about the way their chest looks. Implants can be used to modify the shape and contour of a woman’s bosom. This results in a fuller and perkier bosom. This is a great option for women who consider themselves to be flat-chested as a result of pregnancy, age or simply a lack of fat and tissue. Many women who choose to get a breast augmentation do so because it can significantly improve their confidence, self esteem and social life.

Keep in mind that results vary individually and depending on what type of implants are used. Currently, the most common way that surgeons perform breast augmentations is by making a cavity in each side of the chest and placing an implant into it. Implants can be filled with a sterile salt water solution which is known as saline or they can be filled with a silicone gel. Many surgeons will place an empty implant shell into the chest cavity. Once the implant shell is in the proper place, the surgeon then fills the implant with a syringe that is filled with the desired filler until the desired size is reached. Depending on how you want your bosom to appear incisions can be made in the armpits, belly button or beneath the areolas. Implants can be placed above or below the chest muscle.

Even though you may have your own ideas and expectations as to what should happen during your breast augmentation to get the results you want, your surgeon will give you a completely realistic scenario of what needs to be done to give you the best outcome. They may not be able to give you exactly what you may desire, especially if your goal is too farfetched, however they can give you a natural looking chest that is larger and shapelier than what you had prior to the procedure.

It is important that anyone who is interested in breast augmentation needs to treat this just like any other surgical procedure. This means that it is a procedure where you will have some trauma to the chest area such as bruising, soreness and swelling. This is all perfectly normal and should be expected. After your procedure, it is required that a compression garment is worn to help minimize the amount of swelling and soreness you experience. The compression garment will also keep your chest in the proper position while you are healing to prevent any complications from developing. Most patients feel well enough to return to normal activities within the first week after their operation, however it is recommended that await your doctor’s approval before you resume your normal activities.