Herbal Remedies to Help Reduce the Frequency and Intensity of Hot Flashes During Menopause
on 04/05/2018

Many women experience hot flashes as they go through menopause. For some, the sudden and unexpected episodes of heat and sweating are extremely unpleasant. Prescription medication can help, but not everyone feels comfortable with the risk of serious side effects. They may search for natural remedies that reduce the frequency and intensity of the episodes.

Time Frame

Women often try to ride out the problem, figuring that, one day soon, they’ll be free of hot flashes. Unfortunately, hot flashes may continue to occur for many years. In fact, the Mayo Clinic reports that the average time frame is seven years. Women who have to deal with sudden incidents of heat, heavy perspiration, damp clothing, and the chills that often come afterward begin feeling very discouraged.

Black Cohosh

Some plants contain phytoestrogens, which help restore levels of estrogen. These herbs may be useful for battling hot flashes. Black cohosh is often recommended by herbalists and healthcare practitioners, as research has shown its effectiveness. A review of various scientific studies that was published in 2013 found positive results. Black cohosh is native to North America and is botanically categorized in the buttercup family.

Siberian Ginseng and Sage

Siberian ginseng also is recommended. It not only can reduce the heat and sweating associated with hot flashes but other symptoms that some women experience. Headaches and heart palpitations are examples. Women who like the taste of sage may enjoy drinking sage tea, which is known to boost estrogen levels and reduce inflammation.

Other Actions

Other actions can help women reduce the unpleasant impact of hot flashes. Smoking tobacco tends to make the problem worse as does being overweight. Adding soy to the diet also may help, and limiting intake of alcohol and red meat is beneficial. Keeping ice water on hand and drinking some at the first sign of a hot flash often can decrease the intensity of the flare-up.

Women who want to learn more about herbal remedies for various purposes may check out blogs like Live Goodly, where interesting information is always available. They’ll find ways to clear up skin outbreaks, relieve insomnia, and boost the immune system.