Can I See My Medical Records?
on 30/05/2019

While it is feasible for you to casually get to your restorative records either by asking your specialist amid a meeting or calling you GP medical procedure, the more regular approach to get your medicinal records is to make a formal application to the social insurance supplier from where you are accepting treatment.

Formal demands under the Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 stipends you a lawful ideal to apply to get to data held by the medicinal services supplier that identifies with you. This incorporates records held by your GP, optician, dental specialist, clinics, physiotherapists or restoration suppliers. You can access your notes and records held by both the NHS and private consideration suppliers.

You don’t need to give a motivation behind why you wish to get to this data, as you have a lawful appropriate to get to any data about your physical and psychological wellness.

How to demand your medicinal records?

Mentioning your records is straightforward. You should present a composed solicitation to your GP or other treatment supplier. A few practices may anyway have a particular structure which they expect you to finish before they will discharge your records.

Your solicitation for your records is known as a Subject Access Request (SAR).

Which records to request?

On the off chance that you require a particular record it might be useful to express the dates of the records that you require. In any case, when seeking after a therapeutic carelessness guarantee or individual damage guarantee, or in the event that you wish to get a diagram of the consideration that you have gotten, it might be gainful to demand ALL of the records held by that association.

What occurs straightaway?

When your solicitation is gotten, a medicinal services proficient will survey your solicitation and choose whether they can discharge the records mentioned to you.

Explanations behind refusal

It is feasible for your solicitation to be declined on a few constrained grounds that include:

1) Releasing the data may make genuine mischief your physical or emotional wellness

2) Releasing the data may make genuine damage the physical or psychological wellness of someone else.

Time Limits

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires all records to be given inside 40 days of the solicitation. Government direction expresses that social insurance suppliers ought to anyway plan to react inside 21 days. As a general rule, getting to your records can take some time particularly if various experts have been associated with your consideration.


The social insurance supplier may force a charge for getting to and replicating your therapeutic records. The greatest expense that a social insurance supplier can charge is 50.00 per set of medicinal records. Subsequently on the off chance that you wish to get to the two notes and records from your GP and one Paid Clinical Trials in Miami, the most extreme charge payable would be 100.00.

On the off chance that you are getting to your records with a view to seeking after a restorative carelessness guarantee or individual damage guarantee, if the case is effective it might be conceivable to recuperate the expenses paid. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are not fruitful in bringing a case, sadly this cost won’t be recoverable.

Others getting to my records

Your wellbeing records are secret and may contain individual and touchy data. It is feasible for someone else or association to get to your restorative records where you approve them to do as such. It is normal when considering individual damage guarantee or medicinal carelessness guarantee for your specialist to solicit you to sign a structure from power enabling them to get to your therapeutic records for your benefit.

Furthermore it might be workable for somebody with legitimate expert to settle on choices for your benefit to get to your records, for instance somebody with an intensity of lawyer.

Getting to the records of somebody who has kicked the bucket

The Access to Health Records Act 1990 stipulates that lone explicit individuals are permitted to get to the records of somebody who has passed on, which incorporates an individual delegate or an individual who may have a case coming about because of the individual’s demise. Your wellbeing records stay secret even after you have passed on.

In the event that you need to get to an expired individual’s wellbeing records, at that point you should make an application to the human services supplier recorded as a hard copy in the equivalent was as you would under the Data Protection Act 1998. You should let the give know your identity and in what limit you are looking for the entrance to the notes (for example as close to home delegate for the perished).

Time Limits

You ought to be offered access to the expired individual’s therapeutic records inside 21 days if the records were refreshed inside the most recent 40 days. Be that as it may, if this isn’t the situation the human services supplier ought to give the records inside 40 days of the solicitation.


You might be charged an expense for getting to the therapeutic records of an expired individual. There will be no charge if the records have been refreshed in the past 40 days. In the event that the records have not been refreshed inside the most recent 40 days, at that point an expense of A�10 will be payable to get to each arrangement of records. Be that as it may, the human services supplier can likewise charge for replicating records. The social insurance supplier must not charge you in excess of a sensible expense for duplicating and posting the records. If you don’t mind note in any case, that the most extreme charge of A�50.00 won’t make a difference and the expenses could be significantly more.