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on 05/05/2018

How to Market Your Dental Practice Professionally

If you’re searching for novel ways to promote your dental practice, you can implement a few effective solutions that do not exhaust your resources. We know how frustrating it can get. You want to push hard on your campaign but maintain a sense of professionalism so your practice doesn’t look cheap. Sometimes, this leaves you no room for creativity, but really, it shouldn’t have to be that way.

Here are five proven marketing ideas that can give you gains you want while upholding the pride in your dental practice:

1. Steer clear of the Hawk.

Not so long ago, Google, through its Hawk update, targeted online businesses that were involved in shady practices. This worked as planned, but the unfortunate side effect was that it made it hard for businesses in geographically close locations. And this is bad for dental practice marketing, considering that many dentists share the same building.

The issue is that any of a set of similar businesses sharing one location, can be mistaken as a spammer forgery. But don’t worry. As long as you manage your local search engine optimization (SEO) ranking right, just like Le Dentiste has been doing, you can avoid this.

2. Keep your business details accurate.

If you want an automatic lift above practically fifty-percent of dental practices out there, keep the information on your Google My Business entry current. This won’t take you five minutes or any amount of money. It’s shocking to know how many businesses admit to having inaccurate Google My Business information, or don’t even know that such a feature exists on the web. Le Dentiste knows about this perfectly well, and that is why they are taking advantage of this very simple but powerful tool.

3. Be there on mobile.

Just in case nobody told you yet, Google now prioritizes mobile-friendliness when indexing websites, so if yours does poorly in this department, expect your ranking to suffer. The reason is obvious: everyone is on mobile today. Check the Le Dentiste website to see an example of mobile-responsive web design..

4. Maintain fast page loading times.

When assigning a rank to a website, Google takes page loading times into account. Of course, this also affects your visitors, who would normally rather click away than wait on a slow-loading site. Almost 50% of consumers in fact expect a page load in no more than two seconds. And this is rather understandable, knowing that everyone is just busy these days. Le Dentiste’s website has impressive loading times, and that is among the reasons for their success online.

5. Spend time for email marketing.

If you thought that email marketing is dead, you’re dead wrong. Did you know that it can give you a 4400% ROI and about $44 for each dollar you spend? Ask Le Dentiste for pointers and they may just help.